Shipwreck Coins

1808 10 Cash Shipwreck of the "Admiral Gardner" Shipwreck coins 1808 10 Cash "Admiral Gardner"
200+ year old 10 Cash from the Shipwreck of the "Admiral Gardner" On January 25th 1809 the Admiral Gardner set sail heading to India. Shortly into the journey they hit a violent storm in the English Channel just off Dover. By the next morning the ship had sank claiming the coin cargo and 4 crew members. This coin was minted in Birmingham England for the East India Company. The coin is packaged in an informative 3-5/8" X 5-3/8" plastic holder, also included is a Certificate of Authenticity.
1858-O 50c SS Republic Shipwreck Seated Liberty Half Dollar 1858-O 50c SS Republic Shipwreck
NGC Shipwreck Effect - 1858-O half dollar recovered from the wreckage of the SS Republic. Sharply struck coin that must have been uncirculated or very close to it when the Republic went down. The sharply struck surfaces have a light etching (saltwater effect) from being in the saltwater for over 130 years. The SS Republic left New York October 18th 1865 bound for New Orleans carrying passengers and $400,000 in US coins. After going through a hurricane off the coast of Georgia she sank on October 25th 1865. Most of the passengers survived but all coins went down with the ship. In August 2003 the wreck was located 100 miles southwest of Savannah, Georgia in 1700 feet of water. Through the years following the discovery about a third of the coins were recovered. The search and recovery efforts were featured in a National Geographic Society TV documentary called "Civil War Gold". The coin also comes with a wooden presentation box, Certificate of Authenticity with numbers that match the NGC encased coin and a DVD documentary with informational brochure.