Government of Texas - $1.00 H-14

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PMG Very Fine 20 - H-14 - 15th Feb.1839 Serial # 261 Cut canceled, Mounting Remnants - The Government of Texas notes were the first engraved notes issued by the Republic. They were also the first produced by the bank note company of Draper,Topper, Longacre & Co. of Philadelphia and New York. The entire $1.00 series is SCARCE. The H-14 variety shows Liberty standing at left holding shield with a single Lone Star at the center of shield. The majority of notes I have seen H-14 or H-14A variety are very low grade problem notes with damage, repairs and ink cancellations. This note has full borders and the cut cancels are very clean and well done The back has paper tape mounting remnants still attached on top corners. As of 12/2022 PMG has graded a total of 13 H -14 notes in all grades with only 2 graded higher at VF-25. At the center is a Queen holding a key next to a lion. The Capital of the Republic of Texas was in Houston April 19, 1837 to January 18, 1840.
Government of Texas - $1.00 H-14 PMG-VF 20