1902 Date Back $10.00 FR-618 "Yoakum Texas" Charter 8694

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PMG Choice Very Fine 35 - FR-618 Vernon/Treat - The Yoakum National Bank Yoakum Texas Charter # 8694 - Very scarce early large note from this Lavaca County bank. As of 6/2022 only 2 $10.00 Date back FR-618 notes known in the Trackandprice census. From what I see of 18 large notes known in the census the note offered here is the highest grade large size note from this bank. Well margined with clean surfaces and good color. No tears, or stains on this boldly printed note. It does have one small pin hole in upper right margin. Liberty on back center with 1902-1908 date
1902 Date Back $10.00 FR-618 "Yoakum Texas" Charter 8694 PMG VF35