1775 2 Real "El Cazador"

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NGC Genuine - 1775-MO,FM 2 Reales - Approximately 28 MM - From the Shipwreck "El Cazador" Louisiana - Nice details with some saltwater effect on surfaces. The ship El Cazador (meaning The Hunter in English) was a Spanish Brig. On October 20, 1783 it was sent by Charles III of Spain on a mission to bring hard currency to the Spanish colony of Louisiana. The ship sailed to Vera Cruz, Mexico, where it was loaded with silver coins. On January 11, 1784, it sailed for New Orleans, and was never heard from again. Then, on August 2, 1993, the trawler "Mistake", while fishing in the Gulf of Mexico fifty miles south of New Orleans, hung its net on something in 300' of water. When the crew hoisted the net up and dumped the contents on the deck, they found the net was filled with silver coins. The coins bore markings from the Spanish mint in Mexico.
1775 2 Real "El Cazador" Shipwreck silver coin