Republic of Texas Notes

1838 Republic of Texas - $100 CR-H11 "STAR NOTE" PMG Choice Very Fine 35 1838 Republic of Texas - $100 CR-H11 "STAR NOTE"
PMG Choice Very Fine 35 Net - Corner Missing - CR-H11 Medlar 45 - Jan. 8, 1838 Serial # 21 "LOWEST SERIAL NUMBER I HAVE SEEN" - The Republic of Texas "STAR" notes were the first formal currency that the Republic issued. Only $514,510 was issued in all denominations in late 1837 and into early 1838. The $100 Republic of Texas "STAR" note had a printing of only 2200. Medlar rated the $100 as a Rarity 4 - with a 25-50 surviving population in his 1968 book "Texas Obsolete Notes And Scrip". In the Hugh Shull book "Southern States Currency" 2007 he rates the $100 CR-H11 as a RARITY 9 - with a 16-50 surviving population. The CR-H11 variety has the title in error "SEC. OF TRRASY" and the rosettes in border are oval petals rather than round petals. A very scarce and seldom seen variety! PLUS this note HAS NOT been cut cancelled or ink cancelled like most. This example is missing the bottom left corner. All lettering is complete with great paper quality. All signatures are clean and sharp including the secretarial signature of "Sam Houston" as president of Texas. The first issue star notes are seldom available and very popular with Republic of Texas collectors.
Government of Texas - $1.00 H-14A Government of Texas - $1.00 H-14A
PMG Choice Fine 15 - H-14A - Serial # 972 Cut canceled. RARE NOTE !! The Government of Texas notes were the first engraved notes issued by the Republic. They were also the first produced by the bank note company of Draper,Topper, Longacre & Co. of Philadelphia and New York. The entire $1.00 series is scarce/rare especially the H-14A variety. The H-14 variety shows Liberty standing at left holding shield with a single Lone Star at center. The H-14A variety the note offered here (Only about 10 notes known) has Liberty standing at left holding shield with small stars around the large star. The majority I have seen are very low grade problem notes with damage and repairs. This note has full borders and the cut cancels are very clean and well done with no repairs. At the center is a Queen holding a key next to a lion. The Capitol of the Republic of Texas was in Houston April 19, 1837 to January 18, 1840.
Government of Texas - $50.00 H21A Republic of Texas note PMG Very Fine 25 Government of Texas - $50.00 H21A
PMG Very Fine 25 - H-21a - Plate A Cut canceled as most are. Toned is noted on back of holder. Secretarial signature of Mirabeau B. Lamar as President. Good centering with full borders and no bad stains or ink cancellations. Sailor seated at left holding Texas flag with large star w/uneven points, At center Justice seated near harbor with ship in background. The Capitol of the Republic of Texas was in Houston April 19, 1837 to January 18, 1840.
Republic of Texas - $1.00 A1 Republic of texas paper money PMG Very Fine 25 Republic of Texas - $1.00 A1
PMG Very Fine 25 - A-1 - Aug. 1 1841 Serial # 9332 Cut canceled Toned. Cut cancelled as most are Toned is noted on back of holder. Original note with no ink cancellation, pin holes or repair. Indian brave standing holding bow left, Ceres seated in agricultural scene, Eagle at bottom center. The Capitol of the Republic of Texas was in Austin January 19, 1840 to September 1842.
Republic of Texas - $100.00 A8 Republic of Texas paper money Republic of Texas - $100.00 A8
PMG Very Fine 20 - A-8 - April 26, 1839 Serial # 287 Cut canceled as most are. Nice Original no problem VF note. 100 in left panel with vignette of early passenger train. Griffin, Commerce and Mercury at upper center with Lone Star at lower center. 100 in right panel with vignette of sailing ship. Ornate Red Lone Star on back.
Republic of Texas - $20.00 A6 collectable paper money from the Texas Republic. PMG VF-20 Republic of Texas - $20.00 A6
PMG Very Fine 20 - A6 - Serial # 6840 Cut Canceled - Minor rust. Cut canceled as most are with a small discoloration on top edge above Indians head. Attractive original note. Indian at left preparing to shoot an arrow, Liberty standing next to shield with Lone Star and Indian seated with rifle. At right a vignette of a armored maiden with sword and shield standing on chest of vanquished foe. In the foreground a broken chain and crown lay on the ground. This is probably a reference to the recent successful fight by Texas to gain independence from Mexico. Ornate red back with Lone Star at center.