1973 $1000 Pesos
Choice Uncirculated - 1000 Peso #304 Front is brown on multi-colored underprint in beautiful pastel shades of green, lilac, and orange. Has portrait of General Jose de San Martin at right. Colored threads in paper. Back is brown on multi-colored underprint and has picture of the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires at center.
1983 $500,000 Pesos Argentina paper money 1983 $500,000 Pesos
Choice Uncirculated - Green and brown on multi-colored underprint. Portrait of San Martin on right side and sunburst with swirls of ribbon on center left. Back has scene of the Founding of Buenos Aires. Multiple sunbursts watermark.
1985-90 100 Pesos
Choice Uncirculated - 100 Pesos ND series D #327 Front is Dark red on multi-colored underprint with portrait of D. F. Sarmiento at center. Liberty w/torch seated at left center on back. Multiple starburst watermark.