1967-72 1 Dollar Collectable Singapore paper money 1967-72 1 Dollar
Very Good or Better - #1 Front is blue on multicolored underprint and light red flowers(Janet Kaneali Orchid). Arms at right. Back Apartment Buildings. Watermark: Lions Head
1967-72 ND 1 Dollar 1967-72 ND 1 Dollar
Uncirculated - #1 ND Small size 2-1/2" X 4-3/4" - Front is blue on multicolored underprint with light red flowers (Janet Kaneali Orchid) at center. Apartment buildings on back. Watermark: Lions head
1990 ND 2 Dollars Collectable Singapore paper money 1990 ND 2 Dollars
Fine or Better - #27 Front is Orange and Red on yellow/green underprint with Tongkang boat at left center. Arms at upper left. Back Chingay procession. Watermark: Lions Head