Wheat Cent Specials

Lincoln Wheat Cents Pre-1940 20 Different Pre-1940
You receive 20 different dates and or mint marks from before 1940. (Dates our Choice)
1943 Steel Wheat Cents 25 - 1943 Steel Cents
You receive 25 1943 Steel cent that will have a nice mix of all mint marks P,D & S.
Lincoln Wheat Cents Bulk Lincoln Wheat Cents Bulk
1000+ Circulated Lincoln Wheat Cents (Dates our choice) - Great mix of 1000+ coins (may include duplicates) dating from the 30's, 40's & 50's (most will be from the 40's & 50's). The coins will grade average circulated thru AU. Steel cents will be included in each group. These coins have not been searched for overdates, over mintmarks or any other varieties. Great for the collector or resale. Have Fun searching!