US Colonial

1723 "Hibernia" 1/2 Penny
NGC Extremely Fine Details Improperly Cleaned - "Hibernia" 1/2 Penny - Excellent details on this high grade EF with luster remaining on attractive surfaces. If cleaned it was long ago. This type was intended for Ireland with a seated figure with a harp on the reverse with date and the word HIBERNIA. Obverse shows head of King George I and abbreviated legend meaning "George, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland" The Hibernia coins were unpopular in Ireland so some were sent to the American colonies.
1786-1788 New Jersey
Good+ Porous surfaces - I can't make out the date. Early American coins were made from hand made dies. The obverse shows a horses head and plow with the legend NOVA CAESAREA (New Jersey). The reverse has a United States shield and, for the first time the legend E PLURIBUS UNUM (One Composed of Many).