Small Size Federal Reserve Notes - $100.00

1928 $100 FR-2150-K US small size federal reserve numeral note PMG Choice Uncirculated 63 1928 $100 FR-2150-K Dallas
PMG Choice Uncirculated 63 - FR-2150-K Woods/Mellon - Beautiful pack fresh crispy numeral note from the tougher Dallas District. PMG has graded 3 at this level and only 2 better. Early small size Federal Reserve note with numerals in federal reserve seal.
1928-A $100 FR-2151-H
Very Fine+ Attractive note that is a well centered and original. Choice VF with good color. Early Federal Reserve Note that was Redeemable in Gold on Demand at the US Treasury. From the Saint Louis District (H) Woods/Mellon Serial # H00537830A
1934 $100 FR-2152-E STAR NOTE PMG Extremely Fine 45 1934 $100 FR-2152-E "STAR" DGS
PMG Extremely Fine 45 - Dark Green Seal - Small Federal Reserve STAR Note from the Richmond District 5 - Julian/Morgenthau signatures. Attractive well centered and original. No problem hard to find STAR NOTE.
1950-D $100 FR-2161-F
PCGS Very Choice New 64 PPQ - Nicely centered and near GEM condition. Granahan/Dillon FR-2161-F
1969-C $100 FR-F2166*-C US small size federal reserve note 1969-C $100 "STAR" FR-F2166*-C
Extremely Fine - Nicely centered clean STAR note. Banuelos-Shultz. F2166*-C
1969-C $100 FR-2166-I  PCGS 66 PPQ 1969-C $100 FR-2166-I PCGS 66 PPQ
PCGS GEM New 66 PPQ - Fr-2166-I Banuelos-Shultz - Great eye appeal and wide margins on this GEM+ note. This is the Minneapolis district which had the lowest printing by far of all districts for this series. Only 512,000 printed.
1981 $100 FR-2169-L PCGS 65 PPQ "ERROR" US small size federal reserve note gutter fold 1981 $100 FR-2169-L PCGS 65 PPQ "ERROR"
PCGS GEM New 65 PPQ - Fr-2166-I Buchanan-Regan - From the San Francisco district. Great GEM note that has excellent margins good color and "Premium Paper Quality". PLUS its an ERROR note with gutter folds on face and back.
1993 $100 *STAR* FR-2174-C
CGA Gem Uncirculated 67 - High grade GEM that would be hard to improve. From the Philadelphia District. Withrow/Bentsen FR-2174-C
1996- $100 FR-2175B
Crisp Uncirculated - Withrow/Rubin FR-2175B
2003-A $100 *STAR*
Crisp Uncirculated - Beautiful star note from the New York District.
2006 $100 *STAR*
Crisp Uncirculated - Beautiful star note from the San Francisco District.