Small Size Federal Reserve Notes - $50.00

1928 - $50.00 FR-2100-L US small size federal reserve note PMG Choice Very Fine 35 1928 - $50 FR-2100-L San Francisco
PMG Choice Very Fine 35 - FR-2100-L Woods/Mellon - Early small size Federal Reserve note with numerals in federal reserve seal. From the San Francisco District with a low printing of only 447,600.
1934 $50 FR-2102-D
Extremely Fine - FR-2102-D Julian/Morgenthau - Light Green Seal. Attractive note from the Cleveland District.
1934C - $50.00 FR-2105-B* *STAR* US small size federal reserve note PMG Very Fine 25 1934C - $50.00 FR-2105-B* *STAR*
PMG Very Fine 25 - FR-2105-B* Julian/Snyder - Honest wear on this hard to find STAR NOTE from the New York District . As of 2/23 PMG has graded 8 in all grades 1 uncirculated.
1950-E $50 FR-2112-B US small size federal reserve note green seal 1950-E $50 FR-2112-B
PCGS Very Choice New 64 PPQ - FR-2112-B Granahan/Fowler - Crisp clean Choice Uncirculated note from the New York District. Only three out of the twelve districts were issued for the 1950-E $50.00 notes. NY, Chicago & San Francisco
1969 $50 FR-2114-I PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 Federal Reserve Note green seal 1969 $50 FR-2114-I
PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 - FR-2114-I Elston/Kennedy - Hard to improve on this note with super margins and Exceptional Paper Quality This earlier PMG holder was before they used the EPQ designation. This original note definitely has EPQ. From the scarcer Minneapolis District. Only 512,000 notes printed.
2001 & 2004 $50 Matching Low # Set
Gem Uncirculated Set- This Limited Edition set contains one of the first new 2004 $50.00 notes and one of the first 2001 $50 notes with Matching Low serial numbers #5274 plus the 2001 note is a Star note. This great collectable is limited to only 2,000 sets Packaged by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in a protective folder with an informative pamphlet, Certificate of Authenticity and a cardboard outer box.
2004 $50 FR-2129-G* *STAR*
Crisp Uncirculated or Better - FR-2129-G* Marin/Snow - Great design, Great condition and it's a *STAR* note. Chicago
2004 $50 FR-2129-G* *STAR*
CGA Gem Uncirculated 67 - FR-2129-G* Marin/Snow - Great looking high end GEM *STAR* note. Chicago
2004 - $50 FR-2129-K
Crisp Uncirculated or Better -FR-2129-K Marin/Snow - Great design on our country's new multi-colored series.