Early Half Dimes 1800-1837

1800 Half Dime "LIBEKTY"
PCGS Very Fine 20 LIBEKTY - This is the harder to find variety with the defective R in Liberty. Only 40,000 Half Dimes were struck in 1800 16,000 are attributed to the LIBEKTY variety. Judging from the Population reports from PCGS this variety is about 5 times as scare as the normal variety. Hard to find early Type coin as well as a hard to find variety with original unmolested surfaces.
1830 Half Dime
About Good - Mintage of 1,240,000
1830 US Silver Half Dime 1830 Half Dime
About Good - Mintage of 1,240,000
1831 Half Dime
Very Fine - High grade VF with a small rim nick on obverse @ 12:00. Mintage of 1,242,700
1833 Half Dime US silver half dime type coin 1833 Half Dime
Very Fine Details - Cleaned at one time with a few light hits on obverse Mintage of 1,370,000