Seated Liberty Dollar 1840-1873

1842 $ "No Motto" Seated Liberty Dollar NGC Fine 1842 $ "No Motto" Seated Liberty Dollar
NGC Fine Details - Early No Motto Seated Liberty Dollar. If cleaned it was long ago has a light gray tone. Mintage of only 184,618
1859 $ "PROOF" NGC AU Details 1859 $ "PROOF" No Motto Seated Liberty Dollar
NGC Proof Genuine Cleaned - About Uncirculated Detail - Cleaned at one time. Beautiful fully stuck Proof. Q. David Bowers states in his Guide to Liberty Seated Silver Coins "Although 800 were stuck probably fewer than 450 were distributed. As of 6/2023 PCGS has graded a total of 202 in all grades.
1860-O $ US Seated Liberty silver dollar 1860-O $ "No Motto" Seated Liberty Dollar
Very Good - Original uncleaned affordable example of a "No Motto" Seated Dollar. Mintage of only 416,000
1871 $ "With Motto" Seated Liberty Dollar
PCGS About Uncirculated Details Improperly Cleaned - High grade "With Motto" Seated Dollar with light hairlines. Mintage of only 1,073,800